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Oh God… Scoble has got one now.

Robert Scoble has got a Mac now too… What is worse, I found myself perusing them in John Lewis at the weekend. I even made a special journey that involved carrying both children in their pram up a flight of stairs to get to the computer department due to some split level, this lift doesn’t go to that floor shenanigans.

I think I must need a holiday.


Hanselman on Rails

So here I am, Mr .Net man, talking about Ruby again having never written a line in anger. Well, everyone else is so why not…

This week’s Hanselminutes is entitled Dynamic vs Compiled Languages and is less of a ‘vs’ discussion and more of a ‘This is what rails does well and this is what C# is going to get to make it better as a result”. Interesting stuff. Hanselman certainly knows his onions and finds himself a little at odds with Carl Franklin during the show as Carl leaps, as he is want to do from time to time, to the defence of ASP.Net and its draggy droppy ness.

Some good discussion of unit testing in there too…

This is my first post using the beta of Windows Live Writer which I am sure I will have something to say about once I have given it a good go, and of course, seen whether this post arrives where it is supposed to. If it doesn’t then you won’t be reading this so… oh dear, if a tree falls in the woods etc blardy blah…