I am wrong…

It doesn’t happen very often but I am obviously wrong on this one. I just can’t see that there is that much of a need for all the ‘Web Office’ hysteria going on.

I am wrong because Google obviously think there is a need as they are investing a fortune developing that side of their business and according to Om Malik discussing an article on the Red Herring there are 17 high(ish) profile efforts currently going at the Web Office thing and no doubt a few more lesser efforts. I am assuming that the people who are throwing their money at this know better than I do as to the potential of the market/idea and thus I must be wrong.

Now don’t get me wrong, I fully understand the usefulness and potential of web based collaboration but do I need to do my word processing, spreadsheet err… ing and whatever else they concoct in my browser? Well, no I don’t. What is wrong with storing your stuff on the web and editing, creating etc in your desktop office suite of choice. Nothing…

Nothing, except that, use of OpenOffice aside, you have to buy your office suite wheras your Web Office is generally free. So for home users perhaps that will be the attraction.

Perhaps this is where the battle will be fought for business too. I didn’t think that there would be many businesses willing to turn over their private data to the Google machine. There is even a school of thought that says that Google houses its servers in the mines of Mordor and that there is a privacy time bomb just waiting to go off. (I’ve paraphrased a bit there…) It surprised me to hear that Scoble’s new company are ‘actually using most of the “Google Office Suite.”’ A start-up with more than a couple of bob of VC loot behind it has chosen to go the web office route despite Robert Scoble probably having a couple of copies of Exchange/Office lying around.

So there you go, for what it is worth, I’ll be sticking with my trusty Office 2003 until 2007 comes out…

3 Responses to “I am wrong…”

  1. 1 Phil Winstanley August 28, 2006 at 10:14 am

    Until we’re always online – and I mean *always* web office just can’t be a reality.

    When you’re on a train or stuck in a car park – you need access to your full office suite.


  2. 2 Graham Pengelly August 28, 2006 at 12:51 pm

    Indeed… But even if we had no doubt, 100%, never off, not ever Internet, I still, at least not with the current technologies, impressive as they are, don’t want to do office things in my browser if I can help it.

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