Vista RC1… Feel the pain

In my earlier post on Vista in Virtual PC 2004 I mentioned some of the troubles I had installing and running Vista RC1. Scott Hanselman posted yesterday about some of the issues, rather all of the issues (I hope as there is a big old list of them) that he has come across since taking the plunge to install on his ‘everyday’ machine. Sounds like it has made a right mess of it.

I like that way he points out that he is still ‘stoked about Vista’ despite the fact it has buggered his machine up. Never say die…

I reckon if Scott Hanselman (without lavishing too much praise in his general direction) is having trouble then there isn’t much hope for the rest of us…

So what does RC stand for then?

  • Retreat Cautiously
  • Really Crap
  • Return at Christmas

Any suggestions?

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