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Make yourself look like Pete Townshend

Look at yourself in the back of a spoon.

Note: whilst I thought this was funny, I unfortunately didn’t make it up. I also am not sure of the original source so apologies to the author.


ActualAl Rides Again…

Bit of a tangent from my usual guff but if you are a fan of music on the Internet ActualAl has resurrected his blog following a parental hiatus and is once again scouring the web on your behalf.

‘Crikey’… Steve Irwin is dead.

Love him or loathe him you will surely know him. Killed by a stingray of all things. RIP Steve and condolences to Terri and the littluns…

Read this you bastards…

Ok, so I have been blogging now for 3 weeks. I have dutifully written 10 posts and here are the results.

I have maxed out at 38 views and have 2, yes, 2 feed subscribers (hello both of you). I am averaging about 2-6 readers a post. I have no friends, I feel lonely, violated and down right miserable…

Joking aside, I think I am probably experiencing a common phenomenon. For most of us, blogging is a lonely sport in the beginning. Inevitably, your first few posts, or 10 in my case, go largely unread. So what can be done?

Well, I am obviously the wrong person to ask for the answers at this stage but I will not be deterred and will soldier on and try everything I can think of to build up my traffic. What have I tried so far? Well…

  • First of all, I only told 3 people directly that I had started blogging. I intended to tell noone but I couldn’t help myself. My idea was that I wanted to see how my readership would grow purely through the medium itself…
  • Next I lightheartedly outed someone with a bit of clout in my industry. I’m not sure how he found out but I guess it was through a mutual friend who was one of the people I told. This gave me an early peak in my traffic of 6… Not bad for a first post I thought.
  • I wandered a bit after that until I decided that I would try a trackback to Robert Scoble. I hit my peak there and thought I had stumbled upon a traffic goldmine. Turned out to be a bit of a fluke though as I have tried it since with more or less no effect. I think the title of my post actually naming Scoble had quite an influence on the success of this first attempt.
  • I tried the trackback route to a couple of other blogs without much effect. I reckon the trick with that is to get your comment in near the top of the comments on a popular post but I am yet to manage that so I can’t say for certain at this stage.

Stuff I haven’t tried yet:

  • Promising some kind of porn in the title and hoping to draw some traffic in from the recent posts section on WordPress. I suspect any success that this generates will be fleeting and I don’t anticipate a great deal of subscriptions being generated when the unsuspecting visitor finds out I am a speccy nerd.
  • Being abusive about another high profile blogger in a comment title. I am not generally an abusive person but I think this might work if carefully done. I would have to choose the victim carefully as most people would probably just delete the comment but if I chose someone who is a freedom of speech buff and did it semi-subtly then it just might work (captain).
  • Sprinkling some links in amongst the forums that I use. This is one of my more pleasant and positive ideas that I should probably have a crack at.
  • Telling more people about my blog. This would go against my initial experiment in flirting with the medium but I might have to give it a shot. I’ve been getting a bit more ‘community’ involved of late so perhaps I should make hay.
  • Exploring the aggregation, blog search, general bloggy stuff that is available on the web. Being a new blogger, I am only just starting to find out about all this stuff and there is probably something out there, who, if I could find them, maybe I could hire, the A Team…
  • Writing some interesting content that people would actually want to read. Now there is a thought…

Six degrees my arse…

So it turns out that I am only two degrees of separation from Scott Guthrie since he commented on Phil’s blog. I don’t want to get too overwhelmed with nerd awe but this throws up some interesting possibilities for the other four degrees.

Via Scott Guthrie I suppose I can claim Bill Gates on the third degree. That hooks me up with Bono… I can head in a couple of directions here. We could go Nelson Mandela, The Dalai Lama or The Pope then I suppose God if you are buying into all that malarkey. I could probably have skipped this degree and jumped straight to God from Bill Gates but I was trying to avoid any controversy.

We could also take the celeb route via Bono so I am guessing I could get to Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Buckley and all of Radiohead within a couple of degrees of Bono…

Come to think of it Scott Guthrie once replied to a forum post that I did so I could do away with Phil Winstanley and get an extra degree…

The Truth…

My two year old son said yesterday:

“The truth… The truth… ”

and as he stumbled to find the words to express himself I wandered what profound insight he was going to share. Was he going to say, “…is out there”, “…is always exciting”?

He continued:

“The truth is eating pasties.”

I’m pleased to see his Cornish lineage is shining through at such an early age.

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